Sunday, April 23, 2017

Who Do You Think He Is? Uriah's Ancestry.

Wow!  It's been so long since I posted anything to this blog, and even longer; much longer, since I have done specific research on one of my very favorite ancestors.  In the interim, I have started two trees on, one for my father's family and one on my mother's lines.  The latter tree (Andrews-Workman) includes Uriah Brock.  Originally I intended to enter my information into only one tree and that would be on Family Search, however, as I am sure many others have found, too many people can tamper with Family Search files and soon we find ourselves connected up with families we don't belong to!  I thought it would be simple enough to transfer my information from one site to the other, but it's a much bigger job than I thought, so let me say at the start, although, I try, I can't keep up with it all, and things are not up to date.  I have a hard time with the sourcing on Ancestry; it seems overly complicated if you are trying to add a source not found on the site.  Some I have transferred from Family Search but not all.  Anyway, I'm sure we all are dealing with the same difficulties.  

Since I have been working with trees, and looking at the myriad of hints they provide for people on my lines, I've become aware of the hundreds of  pedigrees that contain the name of Uriah Brock.  It bugs me when I see that so many have given him parents for whom they provide no documentation or even no concrete evidence.  I wish we all would just "stick to the facts," and not assume that just because someone else says it's true, that it is!  I've expressed my feelings in a short paragraph which would be impossible to send to everyone involved, so thought maybe if I posted it here, at least some might see it and recognize the frustration!

"I think we should be very careful about who we assume to be the parents of Uriah Brock (Revolutionary Soldier).  There is so much conflicting information on the net; most of it without any sources at all and none that I have seen with sources which would qualify genealogically.  I don't have any wish to offend, but would just like to suggest that everyone putting information on the net would stop at Uriah until there is documentation, or at least a compilation of evidence, indicating who his parents actually are.  I have been working on this line in spurts for over 30 years and have gathered a huge file of information, but still cannot find the golden connection.  I have my theories, as many do, however I think it is misleading and confusing to others when we publish unproven information.  I would be happy to work with anyone who is actively researching this line and would like to share information."

 Several heads are always better than one, so if you are truly interested in concentrating on finding who our Uriah belongs to, please get in touch.  By discussing the possibilities, we may, together, be able to come up with an answer.

That's it for now.  I plan to begin anew with sharing what I have found over the years about our ancestor,  as I try to compile it for my own family.